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Nikki: Lost 16 lbs of fat! Gained 7 lbs of lean mass! 
Decreased body fat by 9 percent! 

"Small tweaks to my diet and exercise yielded fast results. I dropped body fat, slept the best I had in years, and had more energy and a better mood! They teach you new habits in a way that makes it easy to be consistent... Helen and Jay are constantly re-training themselves and learning from experts in multiple fields so you know that you can trust the information they are giving you." 

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Felicia: Achieving the Impossible During a Milestone Year - LOST 23LBS and DECREASED BODY FAT by 6%

“When I decided to complete my Executive MBA and get married all in the same year – all while maintaining a full time job requiring extensive international business travel – I knew that I was about to embark on the most challenging journey of my life. Engaging Arzadon Fitness not only allowed me to look my very best for my wedding day, but also helped me feel the most confident, powerful, strong and energized that I’ve felt in years. Jay is much more than a fitness trainer; with his nutritional guidance, sophisticated training methods and overall positive energy, he is able to help you push boundaries and surpass your personal goals.”



"Wow! In 12 session of training with Jay, my body was transformed and in better shape than I had been in years. I lost 13.5 (every once counts!) lbs and I'm wearing my first pair of skinny jeans ever. Jay's workouts are amazing, enjoyable and more importantly, transformative."

Sherry Colbourne, CEO of LadyBug Teknologies


"Jay is everything you'd hope for in a personal trainer and more. He's very knowledgable, personable, and encouraging. He saw my potential from day one and pushed me to reach it, all the while putting up with my whining (and swearing) during our sessions, and has continued to be genuinely excited about my progress. He helped me drastically improve my posture and diet, as well as drop my body fat percentage and gain an impressive amount of muscle mass. I am so pleased with my physical transformation, but even more so with my psychological transformation. I feel happier, more confident and more grounded than ever and I have Jay to thank for that."

Kimberly-Sue Murray, Actor



"Simply put, Jay delivers RESULTS and teaches you how to keep getting results. What's different about Jay is his committed approach: he uses the latest science in fitness and diet on himself before his clients."

Julian Bolster, Life & Business Coach




 I had been stuck in the same fitness and diet routine for ages, being a runner for over 10 years.  Jay guided me to make easy changes to get better results. He introduced me to weights to boost my metabolism and build strength, and incorporated better foods into my diet to give me more energy through out the day.  He's even helped me with my insomnia because he gets how daily stresses affect the body on a chemical and spiritual level.   Jay's training is specific to my needs and after only one month I have seen and felt exciting results!  I like how Jay trains because each session is different from the last and they are fun.  I trust Jay's knowledge and guidance and we make attainable goals that help keep me motivated and very satisfied with my progress!

Tennille Read, Actress



"Throughout the whole experience and still struggling from time to time, Jay did not give up on me. There were many times I just wanted to cancel, I was tired, life got too much, he always reminded me of why I was doing this and to hang in there.  I made a friend from the very beginning and even after my training sessions ended, he still e-mails and calls to motivate me to get into the gym!"

Kathleen Kohut, Owner of Kathleen's Closet


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"Since I have started training with Jay, I have seen vast improvements in how I work out. He has helped me drastically improve my diet and is helping me reach a completely different level in my training. I saw results within a week of working with him. Whatever level you may be at, Jay will most certainly help you achieve your goals in a positive, supporting environment."

David Emanuel, Actor, Singer, Director