The secret behind failure

We've all been there, reacting to a story that has played out in our heads to the point that we are so convinced we would almost bet our lives that it is true. Learning the hard way, it doesn't take long to find out that we couldn't have been more wrong.

The bottom line is, we are the only actor in our own movie; half the time we think that other people are participating in this enactment we have created, when the reality is they are totally clueless.

Perception is 100 percent the basis of our reality. The stories we create in our minds when in a state of panic and fear are solely based on our own insecurities, beliefs, values and ideals. 

This is your movie; you decide how to produce it. You decide the roll you play and how it affects your story and the stories around you. If we choose to carefully understand why we react the way we do and assess the situation before we get consumed by our emotions, we have a fighting chance to success.

Everyone is a reflection of something inside us. What we avoid becomes our focus, and what we focus on grows. The more we avoid our darkness, the more it will present us with scenarios that force us to face the very thing we are trying to hide from. The things we despise most are a reflection of our deepest fears. Introspection is a life-long journey, so before we go blaming someone else for our frustrations, we must start by looking in the mirror and uncovering the mask to discover what it is we are hiding from.

So what to do now?

Start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Have a great day!

Jay ArzadonComment