The Nutrition myths you need to know about!

As a Fitness and Wellness Coach, I hear the same questions on nutrition over and over. When I conduct a Fitness Consultation with a new client, my favorite question to ask is "How would you rate your nutrition 1-10 and describe an average day for you nutritionally?" I'm never surprised with the answers because 
most new clients would rate their nutrition an 8-9/10 and really do believe they're eating the right foods to reach their fitness goals. If your nutrition was an 8-9/10 then you wouldn't be inquiring about services.

There are so many nutrition myths out their and I recently came across a great article "How to win an argument with a nutritionist." Not all but many nutritionist that I've come across in my business are NOT basing their nutrition advice on the latest science. In this article you will find out what myths some nutrition experts may be advising you.

Here are my 3 favorite points from the article:

- "Eggs Raise Cholesterol and Lead to Heart Disease" This is misconception I hear from 90% of the new clients that come to me. When I ask a client what they have for breakfast, the most common answer - " A healthy breakfast of 4 eggs whites and oatmeal." First off all Oatmeal is not as healthy as your all think( we can discuss this another time) and eggs do have cholesterol but it has GOOD cholesterol (HDL) , not bad cholesterol (LDL). Eggs are also one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. If you are going to have egg whites throw some whole eggs in there!

"Too Much Protein is Bad for Your Kidneys" Ahhh! Another question I ]get all the time from new clients! If you have unhealthy kidneys then yes then this is true but a high protein diet is not the cause of kidney disease. One of the keys to successful fat loss through nutrition is increasing your protein by at least 30-50% , raising your FATS consumption and reducing your carbs!

-"Weight Loss is All About Calories in and Calories Out" NO! It's about the calories source, certain high calories food sources such as  Omega 3 fats accelerate fat loss but high calorie sources such as vegetable oil will have a harmful effect on your metabolism. You have to remember, the food we eat effect our hormones and when your body's hormones don't function properly it leads to weight gain.  "You are what you eat"

Please read the quick article here: The best way to start a new healthy lifestyle is by working on your eating habits and being informed of the best foods.

A simple way to know if what your eating is healthy and good for you - "IF DOESN'T FLY, RUN ON THE FIELD OR SWIM AND NOT GREEN THEN IT SHOULDN'T BE ON YOUR PLATE!"