Meet Arzadon Fitness


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jay arzadon

Founder & Head Coach

Jay's empowering teaching style motivates his clients to reach beyond their limitations and achieve the results that they never thought possible. He has amassed over a decade of experience in coaching physical excellence, and is committed to the science of exercise training and nutritional planning. A rigorous method and methodology are rooted in everything that he does, so that he can predict for his clients the exact changes their bodies will make, instilling confidence and transparency into the process. Nothing is left to chance, taking a global approach to the fitness lifestyle, ensuring that every single area that could impact upon his clients’ performance and physical well being is first audited and then managed and clarified for maximum results.

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Jennifer arzadon

Director of Operations

Jennifer has a passion for helping people and is responsible for many of the systems at Arzadon Fitness. She is the client relations specialist, operations manager and much more.

Have any questions? You can be confidant that Jennifer can assist you.

johnny francisco

Personal Trainer

Johnny is totally committed to the science of body composition, strength and conditioning. Johnny holds certifications from leading programs in the industry including Darby Training Systems, Zona Fitness Academy and the Fitness & Health Promotions Program from Humber College. 


ethan lee

RMT @ Myodetox

Not one to shy away from complex cases, Ethan’s ability to assess ailments and implement an effective treatment plan has helped many of out clients. Most importantly, his dedication to providing a positive and personalized experience is something that is important to him.

With a genuine interest in everybody’s well-being and long-term health, he is committed to solving each of his client’s cases and providing them with the proper education and resources moving forward.